Product Design
Responsive website
Project overview
Renault, a prominent automotive manufacturer, faces challenges in effectively promoting and selling their in-house insurance products to customers who purchase their cars. The primary obstacle lies in the lack of awareness among customers regarding the existence and benefits of Renault's insurance offerings. This results in missed opportunities to provide customers with comprehensive coverage and added value.
We hypothesize that the creation of a dedicated website and portal, accessible to both Renault staff and customers, will significantly increase the conversion rate of customers who transition from the complimentary 7-day insurance to a purchase.
The solution
After speaking with Renault dealerships we were able to define the problem and come to the conclusion that by being able to provide a portal for both the customers and staff to use, on and offsite, it would increase the chances of a customer actually taking out the insurance after the free 7 days. It needed to be fully responsive so that it could be accessed via any device whilst on the move, sales staff often said that customers wanted to check insurance prices whilst on a test drive.
The outcome
With the new system implemented all dealerships reported increased numbers in both taking out the 7 day insurance and making a purchase after the 7 days.