Al Rayan Bank

Product Design
Responsive website
Project overview
Al Rayan Bank are the UK’s largest Sharia compliant bank. However they were struggling to capture online banking applications, whether this was for a new bank account, a home purchase plan or business account. The process of applying can take quite a long time and requires lots of documents to be shared, and they found a lot of customers started an application but then dropped off before finishing.
When a new customer tries to complete an application for a home purchase plan they can end up leaving the application unfinished if they do not have all the relevant information to hand.
The solution
To solve this problem we re-worked the application process and added in a progress tracker, as well as the ability to save their current progress. We supplemented this with a portal for the customer to track progress of their application and the ability to share documents they may not have had at the time of competing the application.
The outcome
Once the new process and portal went live Al Rayan Reported a 33% increase in completed applications within the first month.